Common Sense Gang Control

There is consensus among all reasonable scientists that 97.8% of statistics can be manipulated over 80% of the time to arrive at a conclusion that is 180 degrees opposite from the original premise.

This has given rise to modern terms such as  “global warming”, “assault weapons”, and “male pregnancy”. These catch-phrases are not the result of rigorous scientific methodology; instead, they represent experiments in social engineering and political power-mongering.

Similar failed examples include “global cooling” (1970s – Time Magazine), “full semi-automatic rifle” (2018 – CNN), and actually, male pregnancy is very real in some species (fish of the Syngnthidae family and certain members of the Kardashian family).

The bottom line is that while facts might be stubborn things, statistics for the media are similar to the joker in a deck of cards: deployed at the whim of the wielder to fabricate a desired outcome.

So, I have abandoned the use of statistics and the scientific method to support arguments and have decided to conform to the use of medialitics.

Medialitics is a post-modern field of fabrication where T.V. personalities, celebrities and politicians push emotionally driven solutions for “cause du jours” that are based on extremely limited, and non-connected data.

Nutrition is a great example:

1970s: The USDA has determined that eating eggs raises cholesterol to dangerous levels.

1980s: The USDA has determined that eating eggs lowers cholesterol to healthy levels.

1990s: The USDA has determined that eating eggs raises cholesterol to dangerous levels.

2000s: The USDA has determined that eating eggs lowers cholesterol to healthy levels.

2010s: The USDA has determined that men can lay eggs.

There are numerous other examples that span the gamut of social topics to include the emotional question surrounding gun violence. But all too often, this reaches its loudest crescendo only in the wake of another tragic school shooting. Why?

The only fact that might be more maddening than the opportunistic leveraging of human suffering is the vapid grandstanding by T.V. personalities, celebrities and politicians, along with their meaningless knee-jerk solutions.


How can anyone be against common sense gun control that will reduce school shootings?

Nice try.

This is the type of question that deceptively deploys the use of medialitics to try and head-fake Americans into forfeiting more of their rights with the use of emotionally-charged backstories. It’s happening to the 1st Amendment, certainly the 2nd Amendment, and evermore successful as the sensationalism and the rhetoric continue to escalate over time.

So, how does this end?


Someone/some people need to get together and propose to pass Common Sense Gang Control.

Gangs in the United States are responsible for the overwhelming number of gun-related homicides (almost 10,000% more than school shootings) and need to be stopped. Therefore, we as responsible legislators need to come together and pass common sense gang control. Let’s work together to put a Bill on the President’s desk that will end the modern-era of gang-related murders by legislating the “10 Points of Peace for our Cities”:

  1. Require all gang members to be at least the age of 21 to join;
  2. Impose a 5-day cooling-off period for gang membership;
  3. Create a national registry of gang members;
  4. Institute background checks for all persons wanting to join a gang;
  5. Require all persons who join a gang to undergo gang safety courses;
  6. Mandate annual OSHA compliance inspections at all gang headquarters;
  7. Ban both automatic and semi-automatic gang renewals;
  8. Levy a 25% federal tax on all gang membership dues;
  9. Install metal detectors at the entries to all gang facilities;
  10. Make shooting another gang member, opposing gang member, or innocent bystander illegal.

Common sense gang control…hey, at least we did something!

And so goes the gun control debate.



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